A story yet untold...


Chaos ensues as the "Stammtisch" continues on its path of destruction. In the next episode of ABFAHRT, we get to know the squad and why they took it upon themselves to infiltrate the largest and most dangerous military base in the United States. You should not miss this epic load of action and humor when it arrives on Baker+.


An action-packed Star Wars fan film, which tells the story of the young Padawan "SI-BO". He and his master "Quinn" plunge into the unknown and are put to the test.


The action-packed fan film "Destination Unknown" is based on the "Back to the Future" triology. Danny Friedl takes the audience into the adventurous world of the young, inventive protagonist Danny and his buddy Atza.


A german special elite unit infiltrates a US Outpost. This mission is to go by unnoticed, however, the term special is especially fitting as the unit is also called the Stammtisch Unit.


The biggest minecraft roleplay project of youtube germany. Face the threat! Face the island Bermuda.


A dramatic and compelling story about a young girl and her older brother, who's enlisted in the Military and is called to a Mission that separates him for a long time from his sister. Even longer than everyone anticipated...


Covenant, formerly known as Mos Eisley II is the sequel to a short series made in 2016 by Louis Angerer and Arcee Studios.